Coming out – The Inbetweeners on DVD

Released by 4DVD on Monday 2 June 2008

The Inbetweeners reflects our secondary school days – not especially cool or scary or eventful, just a series of lessons learnt (don’t call Mr Gilbert Phil, don’t go sliding when you have the chance of sex, don’t let eight-year-olds steal your shoes or you’ll get your socks wet in the piss-sodden toilet etc), humiliations suffered (failing to get served in a pub, being forced to wear suits that are “too jazzy” etc) and small victories gained (avoiding a beating from the bully, getting to finger a bird etc). Will’s narration sums up the frustrations of failing to be tough, sporty or especially brilliant at algebra, Latin, woodwork etc.

Simon Bird‘s Will knows his lot in life and faces it with reluctant acceptance and witty cynicism. From the moment he was forced to wear a badge saying ‘Hi I’m Will. Stop me and say hello’, everyone was talking about the new kid in school – but never in a nice way.

Blake Harrison‘s character Neil sails through life oblivious to expectations and the need to be cool, hence is unashamed nakedness and Speedo-clad scenes in the amusement park episode and his unselfconscious bodypopping at the caravan club disco and the school’s Christmas prom. He’s not even too bothered about accusations that his father is gay. Or the fact that he has Leona lewis as his ringtone.

Joe Thomas is slightly miscast as Simon because he’s too good looking to face the desperate agonies of trying to land a girlfriend – or maybe just a quick handjob. Girls wouldn’t even be put off by his little yellow car which he is able to drive after satisying a lusty middle-aged lady during his driving test. Girls may be put off by his bratty little brother, though.

James Buckley‘s Jay is the king of the bullshit, claiming to have made sexual conquests with ease, yet teased mercilessly by his oafish dad about his failure rate and his small penis. Typical boasts: “I’ll be up to my nuts in some guts”. “I’ve slung one up her a few times myself”.

The extras include video diaries from the four stars, a making-of documentary, behind-the-scenes footage and deleted scenes.


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