Britain’s Got Talent final, ITV1

Did we like it?
A very pleasing result ended a week of great entertainment. We love this show and hope it has a few years of life still in it.

What was good about it?
• Simon Cowell didn’t get his own way. His favoured Faryl Smith and Escala finished among the also-rans, leaving podium finishes for George Sampson, Signature and Andrew Johnston.
• George Sampson’s breakdancing is sensational. He seems in awe of his own talent and interpreted Mint Royale’s version of Singin’ In The Rain superbly. Such a worthy winner.
• Signature’s Michael Jackson/Bollywood dancing was entertaining and their second place finish perhaps reveals that racism doesn’t always affect talent show voting.
• Andrew Johnston provided the most moving performance of the night. Yes, we cried, even if Amanda failed to pull off her usual weepy reaction.
• Cheeky Monkeys injected great joy, Electra and Kate & Gin were fantastic to watch and Strike did, as usual, have us in a sweat. Maybe they should have stripped down to jockstraps to add a few extra votes.

What was bad about it?
• The poor showing of Andrew Muir. He was doomed, for us, after singing one of the most boring songs of all time, imagine. He claimed he hadn’t chosen the song. In that case, the producers messed up his chances badly. But he didn’t help his cause by only courting the Scottish vote.
• We’re still sore that Nemisis made the final (where they performed well but were the least amazing act) while the superior Flava missed out.
• Simon’s style of delivering his verdicts (blah blah blah but…..) is getting stale.
• Amanda and Piers are still loathsome but we do need someone to dislike on a show like this.
• Amanda’s Union Jack dress. How dare she steal Geri Halliwell’s trademark.
• The Andrew Johnston “beating the bullies” sob story VT. We’ve heard it all before and before…
• Faryl Smith’s opera singing is boring whatever Simon says. He claimed she gave “the absolute best performance of the night so far” but he was very wrong. Piers claimed she’s “almost as good as good as Paul Potts.” We disliked him, too.
• The director invariably cut away to a reaction shot from the judges just as the act was doing something special. Idiot.


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