The Class, Channel 4

Did we like it?
There were a couple of promising moments in this comedy about a class reunion 20 years after their first meeting, but we can’t see that there is enough material to sustain a series, let alone make it the next Friends (which it clearly aspires to be) That’s just as well, as this is another US comedy that has hit our screens which has not been commissioned for a second series. However, unlike the perplexing decision not to persevere with Back To You, we can kind of see why the TV execs killed this one.

What was good about it?
• There was a clever little opening sequence, as the camera focussed on the photos of Woodman Elementary School’s 3rd Grade class, picking out each pupil and then cutting to them 20 years later, talking to Ethan – the guy organising the reunion.
• Ethan’s throwing the party to celebrate the first anniversary of his getting together with Joanne.(also a Woodman 3rd Grader) Unfortunately, the latest of his romantic gestures feels so suffocating to Joanne that she dumps him in front of the guests.
• The character with the most potential is Duncan, a typical slacker still living with his mother. Their interactions are by far the funniest, as he is so obviously desperate to leave her interfering embrace. Think Carla from Cheers with Rosie Perez’s voice.
• Is that Sean Maguire as Kyle, and Lucy Punch (mad receptionist from Doc Martin) as Holly? It sure is, and both Brits acquit themselves well both in terms of performance and American accents. Shame this isn’t a long-term gig for them.
• We laughed at Richie inadvertently reversing over Lina after their first date.

What was bad about it?
• Lina’s character is a straight rip-off of Phoebe from Friends. And having tired of the ditzy blonde schtick over umpteen seasons, it’s no more refreshing when it’s a brunette doing it.
• The remainder of the main characters were so unmemorable, we hope they get fleshed out in the forthcoming episodes.
• It was mostly just pretty bland viewing – the sort of comedy you forget you’ve seen 5 minutes after watching it.


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