Diet on the Dancefloor, LivingTV

Did we like it?
Surely even avid fans of dancing – and diets – would be hard-pressed to enjoy this cheap mix of Strictly Come Dancing with Celebrity Fit Club.

What was good about it?
• Narrator Stella Attar didn’t overplay her role, even though forced to plough through the usual reality show tears’n’joy clichés.
• Scouser Jaiden was quite cute despite his bulk and will no doubt look hotter as he sheds pounds shimmying around in shiny outfits – one of the 10 humdrum dumpy people trying to lose weight by ballroom dancing.
• The look that could kill that came from the partner of Odette, the first eliminee. All the investment he’d made in new highlights suddenly went to waste.

What was bad about it?
• The lack of charisma from dancing judges Matthew Cutler, who partnered Alesha Dixon to victory on Strictly Come Dancing, and Karen Hardy, who also won the superior BBC1 show, with Mark Ramprakash.
• But they were much more likeable than sports physician Dr Catherine Spencer-Smith who demeaned her profession by trying to shine far too much.
• The levels of sibbilance in the voices of the camp men involved, espeically self-styled “stylist to the stars” Nick Ede. Some of them even managed to make Ben Shephard seem a bit butch.
• The cheap set which looked like it was made of cardboard.
• The catchphrase – “Please leave the dancefloor” – won’t be catching on.
• Ben, the 21-year-old “wannabe boyband member” is going to be wanting for infinity.
• If we weren’t sick of Get This Party Started, A Little Less Conversation and Lady Marmalade before this show, we sure were after.
• The long pauses and drum rolls building up to the results announcement as if it mattered a jot.
• Ballroom dancing looks really stupid.


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