Bonekickers, BBC1

Top 8 lowlights of Bonekickers episode two – Or Why Bonekickers Continues To Be The TV Equivalent Of A Multiple Car Crash

1) Bugs, Eldorado, Brighton Belles: not since these horrors have we been more stumped over the question of “is it supposed to be this awful?”. Episode two even last week’s debacle with a messy ‘adventure’ based around slavery which threw 100 different plot developments at the audience and only bothered to resolve/answer about two of them.
2) This week’s award for most unintentionally hilarious script excerpt goes to the eternally pissed off looking Julie Graham and Random American Agent #2:
JG: “Can you tell me why I’m standing in the middle of a rugby pitch?”
RAA#2: “Because it won’t be bugged”
3) Although this was closely followed by the clunker “And risk losing archaeology?!?!” (Adrian Lester, what are you doing?! Who is your agent?!)
4) The constant use of sweeping, dramatic music in scenes of absolute mundane activity (i.e. looking for bits of rubbish in mud)
5) In case we had trouble following the trite, convoluted and basically bonkers plot, the writers very kindly made sure the words “slave” or “slavery” popped up in the script every 30 seconds.
6) Hugh Bonneville’s cringy turn as the Old English Professor – it’s as if he is modelling the character on David Walliam’s aristocratic restaurant goer in Little Britain
7) Julie Graham’s hair
8) The writers’ presumption that we’re supposed to be really excitied about watching some university dullards talking about bones in first place.


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