What we watched

Mock The Week, BBC2
Russell Howard was the funniest comic this week, mainly for his rant against the newspapers, citing the Daily Mail’s obsession with asbos, Muslims and speed cameras; suggesting typical Sun headlines: “Are you a paedo?” and “Have a bang at her tits. 16 today”; and coming up with the all-purpose Daily Express splash: “Don’t go outside. It’s full of queers and blacks and crime. If only Diana was alive.”

Comedy Connections, BBC1
The best TV-eats-itself documentary series returned with a bloody good look into Till Death Us Do Part, featuring stories of the feud between Warren ‘Alf Garnett’ Mitchell and Tony ‘lazy Scouse git’ Booth, Una Stubbs being as delightful as ever, some great clips and reminders of how controversial Johnny Speigh’s comedy was back in the black-and-white days. “We had a lot of fun annoying Mary Whitehouse,” Mitchell admitted. “That was a great source of enjoyment for all of us.”

Last Choir Standing, BBC1
We were delighted that the best choir, Ysgol Glanaethwy, made it through – their Adiemus was stunning and Beatles medley was entertaining – and we weren’t sad to see the demise of the Brighton Gay Man’s Chorus because we couldn’t stand any more of the cheesy grin of the bloke with black and white facial hair.

Hadrian, BBC2
Dan Snow’s growing ability as a TV presenter was evident in this infectious investigation into Roman emperor Hadrian.

George Gently, BBC1
The Martin Shaw-Lee Ingleby combination continues to work well in this nostalgic detective yarn (almost a yawn, but not quite). Resentment against Germans in Geordieland reared its ugly head in this week’s tale which twisted and turned with great success.


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