Dragons’ Den, BBC2

Did we like it?
The popular reality show returned but not with a bang. This was a so-so edition with no real highs or lows.

What was good about it?
• Deborah Meaden’s new hairstyle, a soft, wavy effort making her look less daunting. Unfortunately, there’s no new, softer attitude to go with it. She’s still stroppy and petulant.
• Fans of watching sweat drops trickle down the faces of middle-aged men will have been delighted by the close-ups during the failed pitch by the pair whose £600-a-throw water cooler produced a liquid that was unpopular among the dragons they would probably have been better off licking the perspiration instead.
• The young ladies with their talking tree and human statue were likeable and deserved to clinch a fistful of cash.
• We still like the mischievous Duncan Bannantyne but the others are as dreary as ever.

What was bad about it?
• Evan Davies’ post-fight interviews were perfunctory and not much fun. Maybe his early mornings on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme are leaving him too tired to sparkle in the den.
• Hamfatter the rock band were so, so uncharismatic. Their image (ponytail hell and bad teeth), their music (plodding indie stuff) and, of course, their name were so lame we’ll be surprised if obnoxious Peter “I have access to everybody at Sony” Jones will get much return on his £70,000 stake.
• The couple who invented a sheet to end those you’re-on-my side-of-the bed battles. Bonkers.
• The cushion you could adhere to a plane window and the cushion chair for babies seemed like good ideas but were quickly dismissed.


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