What we watched

Totally Calum Best: The Best Is Yet To Come, MTV1
…which we’ve reviewed here

Dragons’ Den, BBC2
Deborah Meaden continues to attract our derision, claiming expertise in all fields yet not stumping up a penny. And Peter Jones turned into a fawning idiot, offering the pretty woman from fashion label Neurotica more money than she’d actually requested. Meanwhile, a hamfisted crime prevention outfit and an internet jewellery operation (with the unlovely name of Diamond Geezer) bit the dust.

Dangerous Jobs For Girls, Channel 4
Yet another heavily formatted reality documentary series. Three fishes out of water – scarily high achieving women taking part in a cattle-drive in Brazil – try to win our admiration for an hour. Showy-offy management consultant Nicola (bragging gracelessly that she earns more in a day than the cowboys do in months) and bolshy barrister Laura (“Well, obviously I don’t have any weaknesses.”)certainly didn’t, leaving professional show-jumper Gemma as the stand-out “girl” (she even learned to rope a steer). It passed an hour but it’s nothing special.

Dr Alice Roberts: Don’t Die Young, BBC2
…which we’ve reviewed here

House of Saddam, BBC2
…which we’ve reviewed here

The Tudors, BBC2
This entertaining romp returned with a brilliant cameo appearance by Peter O’Toole as the playful Pope Paul III.

The Kevin Bishop Show, Channel 4
Highlights: Ross Kemp on Drugs/the toilet/Viagra/pantomimes, Harry Hill when he was a doctor, Grange Hill USA, the BBC spin on Songs of Praise the Dwarf Channel, famous last words of Rod Hull (I’ll move the bloody thing myself”) and Wanking the Dead. Lowlights:Tre from The Apprentice, the Gordon Ramsay impressions.

Agatha Christie’s Marple: Towards Zero, ITV1
Not a classic episode. Even Geraldine McEwan’s Miss Marple was a disappointment, reacting to a old schoolfriend’s death by knitting and smiling beningly. Alan Davies was horrendous as the monotone detective; Paul Nicholls made a reasonable fist of being a tanned cad; Julian Sands shouted a lot; Tom Baker died too soon; and the recreation of a Wimbledon final pitting smarmy Greg Wise against Greg Rusedski was utterly unconvincing.


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