Old Post,2008

An Englishman in New York 2008, ITV1 – A sequel to the award-winning 1975 drama The Naked Civil Servant. John Hurt reprises the role of Quentin Crisp (aka “the stately homo of England”), following his life in the 1980s and 1990s when he lived in New York. With Cynthia Nixon (of Sex and the City fame) as performance artist and playwright Penny Arcade, Denis O’Hare as magazine editor Phillip Steele, Jonathan Tucker as Patrick Angus, a young artist who befriended Crisp, and Swoosie Kurtz as Crisp’s American agent, Connie Clausen. Written by Brian Fillis.

An Addict’s Last Days Sky1 – Documentary featuring the video diaries of 34-year-old heroin addict Ben Rogers leading up to his death.

The Thirty-nine Steps Christmas 2008, BBC1 – Feature-length adaptation by Lizzie Mickery of John Buchan’s spy thriller. Stars Rupert Penry-Jones.
The Prisoner: X Virgin1 – Reality show in which celebrities will stayin the world’s harshest prisons. Features Jack Osbourne, Toby Young, Debra Stephenson, Linford Christie, Will Mellor, Joe Pasquale, Donal MacIntyre and Marc Bannerman.

I Want To Work For Diddy Virgin1 – Eight-part reality series in which 13 contestants compete to become the personal assistant of rap star Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs.

Ghost Hunting With… ITV2 – Reality show featuring Paul O’Grady, Natasha Hamilton, Phil Olivier and Jennifer Ellision in spooky locations on the Sicily Isles.

Hell’s Kitchen USA ITV2 – Fourth series of the reality show featuring Gordon Ramsay.

Jack Osbourne Celebrity Adrenaline Junkie ITV2 – Challenge show.

Coming Of Age BBC3 – Sitcom written by 19-year-old Tim Dawson about a group of sixth-form students living in Abingdon, Oxfordshire, who are always being thrown out of the pub and end up in a garden shed instead. Stars Anabel Barnston as Chloe, Tony Bignell as Matt, Hannah Job as Jas, Ceri Phillips as Ollie and Joe Tracini as DK.

Massive autumn 2008, BBC3 – Six-part comedy series about a fictional Manchester record label starring Ralf Little as posh Didsbury boy Danny and Carl Rice as a nogooder from Gorton, Shay, who quit their temporary jobs with the council to form a new label in Manchester called Shady Records and get involved in various misadventures. With Johnny Vegas as Shay’s father, Paul Kaye, Philip Jackson, Christine Bottomley, Lorraine Cheshire, Joel Fry, Steve Furst, Craig Parkinson, Beverley Rudd, Faye McKeever, Joanne King and Craig Parkinson. Written by Damian Lanigan, a former member of the 1980s band The Twentieth Legion.

Jack: A Soldier’s Story (previously listed as Jack’s Story) BBC3 – Series in which Ben Anderson spends two months with 24-year-old Lance Corporal Jack Mizon and a unit of Grenadier Guards in the Helmand Province in southern Afghanistan.

World’s Strictest Parents BBC3 – Series in which British teenagers are sent to live with tough parents in India, Ghana and Jamaica.

Last Man Standing BBC3 – Return of the challenge series in which six athletes take part in ancient tribal sporting festivals around the world including Suri stick-fighting in Ethiopia, Waura canoe racing in Brazil, high-altitude climbing in Nepal and endurance foot racing in Siberia.

Consuming Passion, 100 Years Of Mills & Boon BBC4 – One-off drama written by Emma Frost about the romantic publishing firm Mills & Boon. Stars Daniel Mays as Charles Boon, Patrick Kennedy as Gerald Mills, Jodie Whittaker as Charles’s wife Mary, Olivia Colman as spinster Janet Bottomley (Olivia Colman) and Patrick Baladi as a handsome consultant.

To The Ends Of The Earth 2009 BBC1 – Eight-part reality series fronted by Nick Knowles in which eight people compete to join the BBC’s Natural History Unit.


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