Fame Junkies, BBC3

Did we like it?
No new light was shed on why people crave fame so although this documentary was fun, it was pointless and featured lots of odious characters.

What was good about it?

• The presenter: north London barman Garron Mitchell, a personable chap with a physical resemblance to Lemar. It was nice to see someone likeable juxtaposed with the creeps who turn nobodies into “celebrities”.
• Garron was genuinely concerned about the paparazzi hounding of Amy Winehouse and we enjoyed his stunt – – dressing a bunch of women (and himself) as Amy lookalikes – to deflect the lenses when she appeared in court.
• Garron’s refusal to have his head turned when offered a job with Fame TV, which seems to be one of those pointless TV channels we never watch (“I think you can find it on channel six hundred thousands or something,” said Garron)
• Garron’s distaste during auditions set up for the fake Fame Factor. “While sitting in judgment was entertaining, it felt like I was exploiting them,” he said.

What was bad about it?

• The failure to get anything interesting out of an interview with kiss’n’tell hellcat Alicia Duvall (who on earth would sleep this puffy creature? Shaggy, Mick Hucknall, Dwight Yorke, Dean Gaffney and some bloke off EastEnders, apparently)
• Pap prat Darryn Lyons was on it.
• The failure of any “celebs” to fall for his invitation to the opening of a club called En-Velopé.
• Garron’s failure to convince Big Brother wannabes to pull out of auditions for the show.
• The final stunt – the recording of a Fame Junkies charity record – fell flat.


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