The Sex Education Show, Channel 4

Did we like it?
Presenter Anna Richardson did her best to back her claim that “when it comes to sex, Britain is in meltdown”, but the programme was a wreckless ragbag of items which revealed little beyond supposedly shock statistics.

What was good about it?
• Anna Richardson has a nice manner, with an honest, confiding tone, spoilt only by her need to resort to coarse language (eg “You watched frogs shagging?” “I’ve grown a bum beard” and “I’m a bikini wax virgin and I’m absolutely bricking it”). She was at her cheeky best when she went to buy lingerie, aiming to swap her beige period-stained beige pants for something sexy that didn’t make her look like a whore. (“In this, I’d feel like I was about to have an affair with a milkman,” she said of a black ensemble).
• The title sequence which mixed a Barry White song with a homage to ancient blue movies.
• Atalia the jolly waxer and Tantraleela the tantric sex guru.
• The bravery of model Sam, who showed off his genitalia in close-up detail.

What was bad about it?
• The spurt of facts: 64% of men think this, 72% of women do that, blah blah blah.
• The Kilroy-style talk show segments which didn’t shed much light on the subject, despite being shot in a horribly brightly lit studio.
• The item on the porn watched by teenage boys went for shock value by focusing on a video featuring two naked women, excrement and vomit.
• The Long Ashton football team all claiming to have above average penis sizes but failing to prove it to us expectant viewers.
• The teenage boys affecting horror when shown pictures of penises and preferring the photos of fake breasts to the real thing.
• The 40 idiots who complained to Ofcom that the programme featured genitalia and thus made newspaper headlines. Did these bleaters not get a clue from the programme title?
• Size matters – and this was far too long for comfort.


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