Everybody Dance Now, ITV1

Did we like it?
While BBC1 offered the Last Night of the Proms, ITV dredged up another tacky light entertainment show which, err, we actually quite enjoyed.

What was good about it?

• Apart from her “give it up for” affliction, the pretty-in-pink Fearne Cotton was a good host, entering into the spirit of the dance craze celebration without ever being too cheesy. Even the obviously pre-rehearsed interviews weren’t too hideous.
• Jimmy Osmond’s powerful rock voice on Let’s Do The Timewarp.
• Whigfield (not looking a day older) reviving that fun sensation that was Saturday Night.
• Claire Richards (looking several years older) performing Tragedy.
• Jocelyn Brown (looking morbidly obese) performing The Twist.
• Greased Lightning featuring cheeky Ray Quinn.
• The Cheeky Girls were reduced to appearing in a montage of ordinary people dancing the Locomotion.

What was bad about it?
• We were not fans of Signature on Britain’s Got Talent doing a bhangra version of Thriller, but lots of people seem to like it and it is harmless fun.
• The excited cheering from the audience at the sight of fireworks during Tragedy.
• We don’t like Mica Paris’s foghorn voice and therefore found Night Fever tepid.
• The usual disastrous talking heads selection by ITV: Chico, Dr Fox, Reggie Yates and Pete Waterman.
• The fuss over the audience poll to pick their favourite dance craze – YMCA came out on top.


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