Spin Star, ITV1

Did we like it?
Another humdrum daytime quiz for people who need to put their feet up after cooking beans on toast and completing half a dozen clues on the Sun crossword.

What was good about it?
• Any programme that keeps Alan Titchmarsh off the air deserves some sort of welcome.

What was bad about it?
• This is another of those lousy game shows where we wait an age for something to happen. When it does, it’s not worth the wait however much excitement hist Bradley Walsh tries to whip up.
• It’s also very complicated with so many rules we had to pick them up as we went along.
• “Its a brand new show; its a brand new era,” claimed Walsh, even though he’s talking about something that Border TV could have easily churned out in the 1970s. With Derek Batey.
• The key part of the set is a giant one-armed bandit (it’s the Moneyspinner!) – yes, one of those things that used to be in pubs along with men in caps with their whippets and jukeboxes with scatchy vinyl inside them.
• Androgynous contestant Sharon thinks a quinticentennial happens every 50 years – but despite the ghaps in her knowledge, she still walked away with eight grand.
• Walsh pronounces Spin Star as “spinster”, which is sort of appropriate for this quiz which will remain unloved.


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