Not Going Out, BBC1

Did we like it?
Series three of the one BBC1 sitcom we like got off to a rather unremarkable start.

What was good about it?
• The usual sprinkling of fine one-liners and the lovely aerial shots of London (oh look, there’s our house).
• Tim Vine’s Tim was as wonderfully pompous as ever.
• Miranda Hart as the useless cleaner Barbara is still great value in her few scenes. Best line: “I see dad people”
• The daft scene in the baby shop with Lee struggling to put the block in the right hole in the toy designed for infants and Tim going flying.
• Silly but funny exchanges such as: “I’m pregnant.” “How do you know?” “A woman knows these things” “What woman?”
• It seems that we’ve seen the back of Guy, Lucy’s older lover. The jokes about him/them were wearing thin.

What was bad about it?

• Lee Mack’s Lee is so lovable but this week he was just annoyingly idiotic, worrying that he’d made flatmate Lucy pregnant (“got a muffin in the breadbin”) because she shared the bathwater he’d ejaculated into during a relaxing wank. The weakness of this show was at the forefront: poor storylines.
• Sally Bretton acts like she’s in a 1970s sitcom.
• The talking bathroom doorlock gags.
• As usual, we’ve got a gripe with the laughter track.


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