Celebrity Agency, MTV One

Did we like it?
Cheap’n’nasty people deserve to have cheap’n’nasty programmes made about them – and they sure did in this case, a series following “life” at Jonathan Lipman Ltd.

What was good about it?
• It may, but probably won’t, serve as a warning to people who want to be famous but have no talent. Their destiny is hanging around in tacky nightclubs with tattooed blobs and orange slappers, or pretending their in-laws’ home is there own so they can be photographed sitting on a sofa, or jumping in the air while waving a hose and showing off their legs. Beware.

What was bad about it?
• The tension and excitement was utterly absent. How late would Paris Hilton be for her £30,000 appearance at a London nightclub? (Very) How many faces could Imogen off Big Brother pull during a photoshoot with her footballer boyfriend? (Many) How excited could Bianca Gascoigne get while posing for tawdry lads mag photographs at a Manchester carwash? (Very)
• Jonathan (a handshaking ego on spindly legs with a spiky hairdo) and his cohorts in the agency appear to dervive some satisfaction from massaging the egos and being at the beck and call of imbeciles who are famous/fatuous for being famous. The fawning over Paris Hilton was especially sickening. Have these people no shame? Or brains? (None at all)
• That hopeless X factor girlband, Hope, were in it.


2 thoughts on “Celebrity Agency, MTV One

  1. I think Celebrity Agency is a load of mind boring rubbish. The funny thing is that the agents are desparately trying to be famous themsleves by milking in on the fact they have Paris Hilton – what Paris doesn’t realise is that she is ruining her mystique by allowing them to film what she does behind the scenes. All of the agency people are boring to watch, bore bore and what they is simple organising, runner jobs – which requires no experience or special talent. MTV axe the boredom please!

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