Superagents, BBC2

Did we like it?
The sturdy, entertaining Apprentice format is applied to a search for a junior sports agent and it works pretty well.

What was good about it?
• It shares the best traits of The Apprentice. There’s the severe-looking boss (Mel Goldberg) and his eyes and ears (Tahli Grobbelaar, daughter of controversial keeper Bruce, and Fitzroy Simpson, a footballing journeyman in his day). There’s the to-camera pieces where the six contestants make themselves seem ridiculous when attempting to big themselves up. And there are the ego clashes between the rivals as they all seek to impress.
• Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher set a good challenge – and almost managed coherence in his explanation of the task. The six hopefuls had to spot the best players from the club’s youth academy.
• There’s one really hateful candidate (a pantomime villain is another essential ingredient). He’s Ashley who wants to be an agent so he can afford “flashy clothes and haircuts – all the nice things in life”.

What was bad about it?
• The usual hyperbole (“the glamorous and cutthroat world of sports management”, “six contenders being pushed to their limits”) thrusting forth from programmes like this.
• Tahli and Mel seem a bit too earnest. They’re only getting bumper pay packets and column inches for their clients; not saving the world.


32 thoughts on “Superagents, BBC2

  1. I really liked Ashley, at least he was honest. Isn’t making a lot of money to spend on an extravagant lifestyle what all youngsters dream off!!

  2. Clearly friends of Ashley posting comments here.Quite like most of the people on the show, Luke was interesting, Luisa shows a lot of promise and I think could go quite far.As for Ashley, either you are family/friends or Ashley himself making comments … or …. you share a shallowness with him.He seems someone its quite easy to dislike.

  3. Ashley speaking the truth ? When ?He even criticised the other team because they took the time to “plan” the night before … then when the boss said it was commendable to plan the night beofre, he then says he would have planned better and criticised the plan !!!! even though he had planned nothing at all.Ashley – Tim, Nice but Dim !

  4. did you see ashleys face when he was trying to say he took the lead role in the challenge and the alan sugar bloke reminded him that the girl .. katie? … had taken the lead for the second half … it was a picture.Cannot believe the person that blogged how honest and truthful he is …. he is just the opposite …. want to take credit away from other people …. not a nice person and quite dishonest.

  5. ashley seems to be hated by many people….. and after watching the 1st 2 episodes online im not suprised. what a pompous idiot

  6. i disagree that she thinks she knows it all… she clearly knows what she has doing or she would not have won both tasks!

  7. luisa didnt win those tasks her teams did, she thinks shees too good for them and she needs to come back down to earth

  8. As a neutral, i feel that some of the above comments are a bit unfair, and with regards to the last comment, I feel that Luisa had a large input into winning challenge 1 & 2, but at no point did she make out like she thinks she is the best… she leaves the pompous, arrogant front to ashley. What a vile boy. John

  9. John, are you blind? Luisa is one of the smuggest people i’ve ever witnessed on tv, it’s called a TEAM challenge for a reason, and going to hertfordshire? jesus. Hubert Cumberdale

  10. Have to agree with John.Hubert, you must be looking at the wrong show or you dont know what smug means.OK, she went a bit far a field , but she did get radio air time which was quite impressive at virtually short notice.Also, if i recall, she also got the team website to post details, which i also thought was clever and something the other team did not even consider. Had more of the fans looked at the website and contributed, it would have been hailed as a great success, as it went, they only briefly mentioned it which i thought was unfair.If you want smug, hubert, look at ahsley. In every show so far, he claims full credit for all the successes.. when the team does badly, he says the team did bad but he did good, this week the his team succeded and he said it was all down to him.

  11. i’ve been looking for somewhere to vent my frustration over one of the contestants since i saw the first show…. ‘ if i won id pend all the money on flashy haircuts and nice clothes’. please! arrogant little boy ! anyone but him to win please

  12. What makes me laugh is that Tahli Grobbelaar is not even a qualified sports agent herself! Mel Golderg also has sod all real clients so quite how they are all talked up I cannot believe!!!

  13. Glad to see this series is getting a good response. Even though I disliked Ashley at first, Louisa has replaced him at the top of my hate list. She’ll never get on because she’s so reluctant to work in a team (and ebcause she comes up with harebrained schemes like the trip to the Watford radio station).I’m hoping the quiet, polite one will come good but he’s showing no signs.As for the “real” agents, what a bunch of drips.

  14. Did Tahlia say “You need to draw a line in the sun” today? Maybe I misheard but its the sort of mangled cliché she’d use.Not surprised Katie Jane went. Jamie must be next. But Luisa cannot win!! Or Ashley!!

  15. I know a few people in the sports industry and know full well that Miss Grobelaar is not a qualified agent which pretty beggars belief. The phrase blind leading the blind comes into question………Who is she to critique the kids?!!Search the agency Power Goldberg and you realise that they actually do not even represent anybody. I am surprised that the sports personalities agree to appear as they have agents also….Load of of old crap really

  16. Tali G. is clearly a myopic, half-witted twerp who feels threatened by someone who has more skill and judgement than she has. She needs to take a course on honestly management and see things as they really are. How could she seriously put kelly above luisa?Has she not been following the programme? Or has she been living inside her own head all these weeks with blurred and tainted vision?

  17. I’m in two halves about Ashley. Sometimes I think he’s an arrogant so and so and feel like punching my TV screen and other times I think he’s an absolute legend!!!!!

  18. have just seen the prog on iplayer.whats going on ….. i just saw 3 people present to one of the dragons …. one did bad, one did ok and one did very well and was complimented by the dragon .. i think he even said he could see her ( louisa ) representing someone.Then we see the Tahli person want ashley to go through ( who did ok ), then say she was “warming” to Kaite …. WARMING TO … what the hell is that all about … so the person who clearly impressed the dragon is being considerd to be dropped and the person who did the worst of the 3 go through in their place !!!!!im sorry …. but what kind of message is that to anyone viewing … what is the tahli woman thinking of … personally, if she is representative of the company where the job is on offer, then i think i would rather not work there !

  19. Tahli bird is not even a sports agent! Goldberg is a lawyer but not a sports agent. Fitzroy Simpson is a very very very average ex-footballer but not an agent. So I ask the TV production company and the broadcaster, BBC Switch, where are the Super Agents?!!!! Officially these geezers represent nobody officially…..viewers trust anybody?!!!

  20. just seen the last 2 episodes on iplayer .. its a FIX !

    the one that “looked” the part won over the one that could obviously do a better job.

    note to self …. never work for powergoldberg or have to work with the daughter of a disgraced footballer …. if thats how they make decisions around who they employ .. opting for style over ability, cannot see too many sports stars queuing at their doors.

    Mel G ….. fancy letting thali show you up like that .. shame on you.

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