Pop Goes The Band, LivingTV

Did we like it?
This is Bands Reunited juxtaposed with Ten Years Younger, as 80s pop duo Dollar try and roll back the years for a reunion gig. Enlisting the help of a stylist, a personal trainer, and a plastic surgeon, they’re hoping to get somewhere near their peak. For the first 40 minutes or so, this was approaching car-crash tv, as we were treated to the sight of the monstrous ego that is David van Day in his pants, his face battered and bruised after surgery and making off-colour remarks to his surgeon. Curiously though, by the end of the programme as they took to the stage for the one-off gig, we actually felt some warmth towards David, and especially the long-suffering Thereze Bazar.

What was good about it?
• Thereze came across as a sweet, if somewhat idealistic woman – coming off the back of a divorce, she thought this whole exercise could bring some ‘closure’ to her life.
• The final gig (though lip-synced in front of no more than 50 people) showed both of them looking pretty good. David had lost about a stone, and Thereze was looking far less gaunt and more toned than at the beginning of the show.

What was bad about it?
• It took us pretty much the whole programme to warm to Van Day. With an ego the size of Brighton, making jokes about jackboots to his German plastic surgeon (the cut-away to the look on the nurse’s face was priceless) and his confession that he’d drink a bottle of wine in a night (before starting on the beer) he came across as a hopeless case.
• Bizarrely, the show had ripped off the warehouse setting and music of Dragons Den when the two of them were paraded in front of the panel of “helpers” that would be re-styling them. And stylist Hannah Standling came across as particularly vacuous when she came out with some rubbish about “going on a journey of rocknrollness!” Eh?
• The plastic surgery bits made for particularly painful viewing, as David’s face looked like someone had set about him with a baseball bat. And poor old Thereze, going down the “non-invasive” route of botox injections, ended up with a huge bruise that looked like half a handlebar moustache.
• Where are these types of show going to end? In 30 years time will we be watching the Sugababes undergoing a sex-change? Enough already.


One thought on “Pop Goes The Band, LivingTV

  1. although some of what you have said is true, shows like this will never stop airing on tv. however i felt it had humour and was light silly entertainment, perfect for the start of the week when everything is looking grim.

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