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  Updated 21ST JUNE 2012 CAN U SEE IT NOW?

Ross Kemp: Invisible Wounded Autumn 2012 Sky 1 –  One-off documentary that sees Ross Kemp explore the devastating effects of mental illness on those who have served in the military. With an estimated 1-in-4 war veterans suffering from depression, addiction or violent outbursts, Ross speaks to those affected, their families the experts, asking what can and is being done to support our service personnel and prevent further suffering.  

Silk 2013 BBC1 – Third series of the legal drama starring Maxine Peake and Rupert Penry-Jones.

The Politician’s Husband 2013 BBC2 – Three-part drama starring David Tennant and Emily Watson written by Paula Milne. The drama follows the shifting balance of power in a political marriage and the ensuing consequences when a wife becomes more successful than her husband.

The Town 2012 ITV – Three-part drama starring Sherlock’s Andrew Scott as 30-year-old Mark Nicholas who returns to his hometown Renton after 10 years away and he is drawn into the life he left behind. The cast also features Julia McKenzie as Grandmother Betty, Charlotte Riley as Mark’s first love Alice and Martin Clunes as the town’s alcoholic mayor.

It’s Kevin with Kevin Eldon 2013 BBC2 – Sketch comedy, music and dance numbers from the well known comedian.

Keeping Britain Alive *working title* 2013 BBC2 – Documentary series that dispatches 50 Camera crews around the country to examine what happens in GP surgeries, hospitals and other care facilities in one day.

Sing While You Work 2013 BBC2 – Six-part series from Choir Master Gareth Malone that will see choirs from four different British workplaces receiving training from Malone before competing with each other.

Blackout July 2012 BBC1 – Three-part Crime drama series from “conviction” writer Bill Gallagher starring Christopher Eccleston as Daniel Demoys, a corrupt and alcoholic council official who wakes up after a night of drinking and realises that he may be responsible for a murder.

Cuckoo 2013 BBC3 – Sitcom Created and written by Robin French and Kieron Quirke (Trinity), Cuckoo is set in the Midlands, home to the Thomas family. When Ken (Greg Davies) and Lorna (Helen Baxendale – Cold Feet, Kidnap and Ransom) collect their daughter (Tamla Kari) from the airport, they’re horrified to learn that she’s returned from her gap year with more than just a henna tattoo and braids in her hair. At the arrival gate, she promptly introduces them to her new husband, Cuckoo (Andy Samberg) – the squared-jawed, self-appointed spiritual ninja who is now their son-in-law.

Cutting Edge Autumn 2012 Channel 4 – A new series of Channel 4’s flagship documentary series. Made up of the following documentaries:

Britain’s Stalking Epidemic will observe and examine closely the rehabilitation journey of several different ‘types’ of stalkers. It will intimately examine the stalker’s complex desires and behaviour as they come into contact with the forensic psychiatric teams treating them, and their specially chosen victims

Gender Dysphoria (working title)

A rare and fascinating story which shows the lives of young children living with gender dysphoria exploring the prejudices that lay ahead and following their families as they work closely with clinicians and psychiatrists to help them prepare for what the future holds. The film will feature interviews with leading experts on gender dysphoria.

Supercars  (working title)

An insight into the influx of supercars and their wealthy owners in central London each summer. Swapping the searing heat of their homes in the Middle East for the cool of the UK, more and more super rich Arabs are packing their bags and cars for their annual vacation in the capital.

Meeting Ian Brady (working title) 

A forensic examination of Ian Brady’s upcoming public mental health tribunal hearing which will follow the events leading up to and during the tribunal from the perspective of those closest to the case including his mental health advocate, lawyers and psychiatrists – many of whom have never spoken on television before.

Harry’s Arctic Heroes 2013 ITV – Single documentary following a five-strong team of wounded servicemen as they face the altitude, extreme climate and sheer physical hard work of summiting the world’s highest mountain. The documentary also covers Prince Harry’s role as Patron of Walking With The Wounded, the charity organising the expedition, as he spearheaded the launch of the Everest expedition. He also joined the team in the days prior to their departure for Nepal, as well as following their fortunes during their ten week journey.

When I’m 65 Season 2012 BBC1 – A series of documentary about old age made up of these four single documentaries:

The Town That Never Retired (working title)

Today’s newborns are going to have to work until they’re 77. But could anyone actually cope with working so long and should they have to? To find out Nick Hewer and Margaret Mountford launch a bold experiment where they send 15 retirees in their 70s back to full time work. The pair uncovers some startling truths as the pensioners head back to work on a construction site, a chocolate factory, an Italian restaurant, a health clinic and an estate agent. Both Nick and Margaret are keen to find out if these OAPs still have what it takes, competing against younger employees and their colleagues preconceptions about the elderly. How will their bosses, fellow workers and the public react to a more mature workforce?

Never Too Old (working title)

John Simpson, Gloria Hunniford, Lesley Joseph and Tony Robinson leave their comfort and busy lives to experience an old age a world away from their own. They each move in with a pensioner experiencing one of the toughest problems facing senior citizens in the UK.

John is confronted with the harsh realities of loneliness as he spends time with an isolated pensioner, while Lesley experiences the pain of caring for someone you love when she lives with a couple struggling with the impact of ill-health.

Gloria spends time with a grandmother dealing with the grind of poverty while Tony is faced with the anguish of a pensioner’s bereavement.

The four famous pensioners face up to a life they all fear when they move into care homes and live alongside elderly people forced to rely on others to survive their final years.

June Brown: Why Old People Matter (working title)

June Brown believes that there is a distinct lack of respect for the elderly in the UK. June is concerned that there is a real disconnect between the old and the young and this could lead to the country betraying the generation that once made it great. June sets out to meet well-known faces and elderly people from all walks of life to find out how they really feel about society’s attitude towards growing old. As June explores thorny issues such as the rise of care homes due to the breakdown of the extended family, she confronts her own plans for how to grow old gracefully.

How To Live Beyond 100 (working title)

What is it like to live 100? This programme meets centenarians across the country who explain what it means to have watched the world change around them; how their own attitudes, thoughts and feelings have changed through the years; and what it’s been like to age. A quarter of all children born today are expected to live beyond 100: this programme is an uplifting look at what it’s really like to live to 100 and beyond.

Secret Service 2012 BBC1 – Six-part light hidden camera series fronted by Richard Hammond. Richard and his elite Secret Service team are here to help the people of Britain. If you have a mission for them, and it needs to be kept secret from someone (and then broadcast to the nation) they are the team for you.

The Paradise 2013 BBC1 – Eight-part drama series based on the French Novel from Emile Zola. Relocated to a British setting it is the story of a love affair set against the backdrop of the opening of the first department store told over eight episodes, produced by BBC Drama Productions and filmed on location in the North East of England. Starring Sarah Lancashire, David Hayman, Elaine Cassidy, Matthew McNulty , Joanna Vanderham and Emun Elliott

Scott & Bailey 2013 ITV – Third series of the crime drama starring Lesley Sharp and Surrane Jones

Racing Legends Autumn 2012 BBC2 – Series that follows three celebrity car enthusiasts as they re-trace the steps of Great British Racing Legends.Through a combination of revealing interviews with family and friends and fascinating archive footage, each celebrity will pay tribute to the racing legend by learning what made them great. By charting the highs and lows, the victories and the near-death experiences, the enthusiasts will discover what it took to succeed in a dangerous era of motorsport. They’ll learn about the vehicles they drove, the engineering they employed and try to understand what put them in pole position.

A Mother’s Son Autumn 2012 ITV – 2-part drama from writer Chris Lang about the aftermath of a shocking murder. When Rosie (Hermionie Norris) discovers a pair of bloodied trainers in her home, she begins to suspect that her son Jamie – played by Skinsactor Alexander Arnold – may be responsible for the death of a teenage schoolgirl. Also stars Martin Clunes and Paul McGann.

Shetland 2012 BBC1 – 2-part crime drama starring Douglas Henshall. When a young archaeologist discovers a set of human remains, the island community is intrigued to know if it’s an ancient find or a contemporary mystery. And when an elderly woman is shot on her land in a tragic accident, Perez and his team find themselves at the centre of two feuding families whose envy, greed and bitterness has divided the surrounding community.

Frankie BBC1 – Six-part drama series. A modern and redemptive take on the life and work of a dedicated district nurse whose patients matter more to her than her personal life. It’s about ordinary lives which are often in huge domestic crisis. Our heroine, Frankie is a heroine for the modern age who looks life and death in the eye; her mission is to make a difference.

Homefront 2012 ITV – Six-part drama focusing on lives of four wives and girlfriends of Servicemen fighting in Afghanistan starring Claire Skinner, Gregg Wise, Warren Brown, Nicola Stephenson and Antonia Thomas.

Good Cop September 2012 BBC1 –*Originally titled Savage* Five-part drama series about a young, honest, Liverpool beat cop who witnesses the brutal murder of his closest friend and is torn between his desire to protect his family, his sense of duty to the public and a sudden, intoxicating, compulsion for revenge. Written Stephen Butchard (Five Daughters)

Accused 2012 BBC1 – Second series of the Jimmy McGovern drama centering around the stories of people who end up having their day in court. The series is made up of four unconnected stories with the first starring Olivia Coleman (Peep Show, Exile) and Anne-Marie Duff (Shameless, The Virgin Queen) as mothers who defend their business from gangs of teenagers.

An Idiot Abroad: The Short Way Round December 2012 Sky1 – 2-Part spin-off of An Idiot Abroad 

that follows Karl Pilkington and Warwick Davies as they get stuck into different cultures and traditions, illuminated by Karl’s trademark observations about the world and Warwick’s varying experiences as a little person in different countries.

Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway 2013 ITV – Return of the Saturday evening entertainment series fronted by Ant & Dec. The first series since 2009

Anthony & Cleopatra 2012 BBC1 – Six-part drama series set in the autumn years of two old school friends. Alan and Celia, both widowed and in their 70s, unexpectedly fall for each other when they meet again after nearly 50 years. Written by Sally Wainwright (At Home With the Braithwaites, Unforgiven)

Behind Closed Doors  BBC2 – Historian Amanda Vickery goes behind the stately exterior of the Georgian house in a new three-part series in which she reveals how the British passion for homes began.

Being Human 2013 BBC3 – Fifth series of the sci-fi drama not featuring Lenora Crichlow.

Bert & Dickie 2012 BBC1 – Single drama telling the story behind London’s 2012 Olympic Games.

Bound *Working Title* 2011 BBC1 – The series is about of a group of women who have lost the men in their lives to Her Majesty’s Pleasure. From the innocent mother-to-be who was unaware that her husband was a murderer, to the sophisticated and complicit career-criminal’s wife; these women couldn’t be more different, yet the situation they share brings them together. Expect crime and jeopardy, family and sacrifice, and love and romance. But above all else, expect humanity and humour as the unlikeliest of women find in each other the friendship and family they are missing.

The Cafe Autumn 2012 – Second series of the gentle comedy co-written by Ralf Little

Call the Midwife 2013 BBC1 – Second 8-part series of the period drama about 1950’s midwives.

Case Histories 2012 BBC1 – Two episodes of the drama starring Jason Issacs as private investigator Jackson Brodie

Case Sensitive Spring 2012 ITV – Second 2-part crime drama starring Olivia Williams & Darren Boyd. The story centres a woman on the eve of getting married who discovers her husband to be has a horrific criminal past. DS Charlie Zailer (Olivia Williams) has befriended the woman at a kickboxing class and finds herself drawn into the case and taking erratic and dangerous steps to keep the woman safe.

Chickens Summer 2013 Sky1 – Comedy first piloted on Channel 4 starring Joe Thomas and Simon Bird of the Inbetweeners as men who live in a world of women when they decide not to fight in WW1

Complicit 2012 Channel 4 – Single drama that explores the murky moral compromises that underpin the hidden intelligence war. The main character Edward, an MI5 officer, wrestles with some of the key moral questions of our time. Can we fight Terror with torture? Or do we lose everything, and everything we stand for as a democratic nation, by allying ourselves with the torturers of a brutal foreign regime? 

DCI Banks Autumn 2012 ITV – Three more 2-part mysteries starring Stephen Tompkinson and Andrea Lowe with Caroline Catz joining the cast as mum of four, DCI Helen Morton.  A dedicated, serious minded detective, more at home behind a computer than in front of a suspect and her approach to policing will challenge Banks and push him to the brink. In Strange Affair Helen is very much at the forefront of the team’s murder investigation as the crime becomes too close to Banks for comfort. 

Death in Paradise Autumn 2012 BBC1 – Second eight part series following a British police officer (Ben Miller) working on a remote Caribbean island.

Derek 2013 – Channel 4 – Full series of the comedy written by Ricky Gervais and starring Ricky and Karl Pilkington with Ricky starring in the title role as a man who works at an old people’s home.

Doors Open Autumn 2012 ITV – One-off drama starring Stephen Fry. The story follows Mike Mackenzie, played by Dougie Henshall a self-made businessman with too much time on his hands. Bored by the comfort of his millions and grieving for the woman who walked out on him five years previously, he’s got an adventurous side just waiting to get him into trouble. When he hears the love of his life, Laura Stanton, art consultant and auctioneer, has returned to Edinburgh, his whole world is turned upside down and he’d risk anything to get her back.

After an evening’s drinking with close friends art expert Professor Gissing played by Stephen Fry  and banker Allan Cruickshank, Mike dreams up a plot to rip-off one of the most high-profile targets in the country – Edinburgh’s private art collection owned by a national bank. Incensed by wealthy patrons hiding works of art away in private collections, the trio devises a plan to swap priceless masterpieces stored in the gallery’s warehouse with brilliantly accurate forgeries. The two hour one-off drama is based on the novel from Ian Rankin and has been adapted by Sandi Toksvig and James Mavor.

Downton Abbey 2012 ITV – Third series of the Julian Fellows Drama comprised of eight episodes.

Endeavour 2012 ITV – Three-more episodes of Inspector Morse prequel starring Shaun Evans as the young Inspector.

The Fall Autumn 2012 BBC2 – Five-part psychological thriller starring Gillian Anderson and Jamie Dornan. The five episodes will follow the police investigation uncovering the intricate story of the lives entangled by a series of murders – both the killers’ and the victims’ families.

Fallen City 2012 Channel 4 – Strategic urban puzzle game in which players must inspire the denizens of a derelict city to overcome cynicism and restore the former glory of their home. Imprisoned by boredom, and disillusioned by broken promises, the creatures in Fallen City need a helping hand to take care of themselves and their buildings.

Fight for Life 2012 BBC1 – Landmark wildlife series that will see live event broadcasts from around the world, following some of the planet’s most incredible animals going through their most critical and vulnerable periods – the first few days and weeks of their newborn’s lives. Fight For Life will follow animals including black bears and their tiny cubs in Minnesota, through to baby Ring Tailed lemurs in Madagascar and cheetahs cubs in the Masai Mara.

Foyle’s War ITV – Three-part return of the crime drama starring Michael Kitchen set in a period just after World War II. The stories will range from Foyle identifying highly placed atomic spies to a true story of government corruption.  A world of transition where the values and certainties of the war have given way to austerity, exhaustion and doubts about the direction the new government is taking.

Fresh Meat 2012 Channel 4 – Second series centred around a group of students. Starring Joe Thomas and Jack Whitehall and penned by Sam Bain & Jessie Armstrong

Friday Night Dinner 2012 Channel 4 – Second series of the family sitcom starring Simon Bird.

Frost on Satire BBC4 – Sir David Frost charts the story of satire in the UK and America and its impact on 20th-century politics.

Gates  Sky1 – 6-part comedy series based on the friendships made at the school gates. Starring Sue Johnston, Joanna Page and Tom Ellis.

Getting On BBC4/BBC2 – Third series of the hospital comedy starring Jo Brand

George Gently Autumn 2012 BBC1 – Four more mysteries starring Martin Shaw as the detective. The four episodes will be set in 1968. Lee Ingelby will also return as his sidekick John Bacchus.The ‘Gently With Class‘ will follow Gently and Bacchus as they investigate the death of a young girl found in the passenger seat of an aristocrat’s upturned car. Second film ‘Gently Northern Soul’ will focus on the racially-motivated murder of a young black girl. Written by David Kane the instalment will star Lenora Crichlow Simon Block’s third episode will focus on the kidnap of a middle class couple’s adopted child, while the final film sees a suspended Gently pursued by old enemies from his London Met days.

The Girl 2012 BBC2 – Drama starring Sienna Miller about Alfred Hitchcock’s obsessive relationship with actress Tippi Hedren.

Happy Families Channel 4 – British Animated series focusing on the life of an ‘average’ family, consisting of put-upon Edgar who works for his self-obsessed father-in-law Ken Lavender; his house-proud wife Wendy; and their three very different children: freaky weirdo Dusty; amiable idiot Jason; and highly strung ’emo’ Eve.

Hebburn Autumn 2012 BBC2 – Six-part comedy series loosely based on writer Jason Cook’s experiences J as a Stand-up Comedian.Jason has secretly married a Jewish girl called Clare and comes to realise that he needs to introduce her to his family. Chris Ramsey will star as Jason other stars to sign on include Vic Reeves and Kimberly Nixon.

The Hour September 2012 BBC2 – Second series of the period drama set in the world of a fictional TV news prgramme.The six-part second run will be set in 1957 and see Peter Capaldi (The Thick of It) and Hannah Tointon (The Inbetweeners) joining the cast with the backdrop of looming spectre of the Cold War and changing social mores. The series will chart political intrigue and corruption against the highly charged backdrop of a country in the grip of unsettling and rapid change. With the space race and nuclear power, Britain seems on the threshold of a new era of modernisation, economic optimism, scientific progress and cultural change in the face of new immigration from the Commonwealth. But under the buoyant veneer, our characters become deeply embroiled in cover-ups, sexual intrigues and the resurgence of Mosley’s fascism.

Hunderby Summer 2012 Sky Atlantic – 7-part black comedy set in the 1800’s and starring Nighty Night’s Julia Davies. Davies stars as Helene, a shipwreck survivor washed ashore near a small English village. There, she is swept off her feet by widowed pastor Edmund and the two soon marry, the puritanical Edmund believing his bride to be untouched by another man. But she has a history, a dark past that she cannot escape. As Helene moves into Edmund’s home, she falls under the watchful eye of housekeeper Dorothy who is more than a little involved in her master’s life, and quite obsessed with his dead first wife, Arabelle – to whom Helene simply does not compare. While Helene battles to keep her past a secret, she must navigate Dorothy’s devious scheming, her husband’s harsh critique and a potential new love interest. 

The Job Lot 2013 ITV – Six-part comedy starring Sarah Hadland (Miranda) and Russell Tovey (Him & Her), is set in a busy West Midlands Job Centre, and focuses on the relationships between the people who work there, and the people who don’t work there, or anywhere else for that matter.

Junior Doctors: Your Life in Their Hands 2013 BBC3 – Third series of the fly on the wall documentary that follows newly qualified doctors on their first year in the job.

The Kumars Autumn 2012 Sky1 – Comedy series that sees the Kumar family to television. Forced to down-size as a result of the economic downturn, The Kumars are now living in a flat in Hounslow, behind the gift shop that Dad, Ashwin, now runs. Host, Sanjeev, is divorced from his wife of nearly two years, Bindiya, but they share custody of their precocious 8 year old daughter. Mum, Madhuri, is intent on setting him up with a high profile celebrity and has a keen interest in online dating agencies. Ashwin has secured a sponsorship deal which has enabled him to resurrect the family’s talk show, which takes place in the living room of their flat. Though only legally available in Punjab and the Hounslow area, cousin Moona knows of a way to hack into any satellite channel in the world. All of the original cast will be back.

The Lady Vanishes Christmas 2012 BBC1 – One-off drama based on the 1930’s thriller by Ethel Lina White. When the spoilt but beautiful Iris returns home from a holiday in the Balkans, she is befriended on the train by an English woman she knows only as “Miss Froy”. Iris falls asleep, and when she awakes some hours later, Miss Froy has vanished. Fearing madness and risking death, Iris desperately tries to solve the sudden disappearance of her traveling companion.

The Last Weekend Autumn 2012 ITV – Three-part thriller written by Mick Ford (Single Father) and starring Rupert Penry-Jones. The story unfolds over four days across one hot summer bank holiday weekend in the Suffolk countryside, the scene of what should be a relaxing break for two couples with a long shared history.  Shaun Evans plays Ian, a working class primary school teacher who met the sporty and privileged Ollie, played by Rupert Penry-Jones at university. The weekend break is a rare chance for both couples to reminisce and spend time together as they inhabit vastly different worlds during the course of their everyday lives.  Ian and Em played by Claire Keelan, live a modest, suburban existence in Derbyshire working as a primary school teacher and social worker while Ollie and Daisy, played by Genevieve O’Reilly lead a gilded and glamorous life in London that their careers as a barrister and head-hunter allow.  It should be an idyllic four days, over the last baking hot bank holiday weekend of the summer, but the competitive edge to the men’s relationship soon bubbles to the surface and by Friday afternoon they have resurrected an old bet, the stakes of which become higher and higher across the weekend.  As the competitiveness mounts the weather becomes ever more oppressive and dormant sexual tensions begin bubbling to the surface which results in a horrendous and catastrophic outcome for all.

Leaving 2012 ITV – Character driven three-part drama from Tony Marchant (Public Enemies) about the complexities of love, family and growing up. About the relationship of 25 year old Aaron who lives at home with his family and 45 year old Julie who has a hectic home life. The pair enter into a relationship through work but neither has any idea what profound consequences their night of passion will have for those closest to them.

Lewis 2013 ITV – Four-part return of the crime drama of the Morse Spin-off.

Luther 2012 – Third series of the crime drama starring Idris Elba comprised of 4 60min episodes.

Mad Dogs 2013 Sky1 – Third series of the comedy/crime drama starring John Simm, Marc Warren, Max Beesley and Philip Glenister who get caught up in murder set in Cape Town.

Made in Chelsea Spring 2012 Channel 4 – Third series of the reality series documenting the lives of wealthy London socialites.

Marple 2012 ITV – Three new adaptations of Agatha Christie novels starring Julia McKenzie.

Mayday 2012 BBC1 – 5-part drama from Kudos Film and Television. When a young girl goes missing, feared dead, the community in which she lives looks to one another for answers. Four of the girls neighbours fear someone within their family may be involved. A sophisticated thriller about suspecting those closest to you of committing an appalling crime. Written by Ben Court and Caroline Ip (Whitechapel)

Me & Mrs Jones BBC1 – Six-part sitcom starring Sarah Alexander in the lead role. The series follows Mrs. Jones as she balances love, affection, sex and motherhood between an ex-husband, one grown-up son, two young daughters and male admirers with a 20 year age gap. The series also stars Neil Morrissey and Nathaniel Parker and is made by Hartswood Films

The Mill *working title* 2012 Channel 4 – Drama series based on the real life story of Quarry Bank Mill in Cheshire. Finding its main characters amongst the multitude of workers employed at the Mill, the drama will bring to life what it was really like to be at coalface of the industrial revolution.

Miranda 2011 BBC1 – Third series of Miranda Hart’s sitcom.Making the move to BBC1

Monroe 2012 ITV – Second series of the drama series starring James Nesbitt as a brilliant neurosurgeon.

The Moonstone 2012 BBC1 – 3-part adaptation of Wilkie Collins’ rollicking adventure yarn and powerful love story about the theft of an Indian jewel by a British army officer at the storming of a Maharajah’s palace

Moone Boy Summer 2012 Sky1 – Six-part comedy written by and Starring Chris O’Dowd.Set in a small town in Ireland in 1989 the series follows the antics of the youngest member of the Moone family, 11 year old Martin Moone. Martin has a unique perspective on life aided by an imaginary friend, Sean Murphy, played by Chris O’Dowd. Martin’s imagination comes into play both in his childish drawings, which come alive through animation, and in the ridiculous schemes he comes up with, against Sean’s better judgement. With Sean’s help, Martin negotiates life as the youngest in a chaotic, scatter-brained family. Johnny Vegas and Steve Coogan have signed on for guest appearances

Morton 2011 BBC1 – 8-part spy drama from Kudos Productions centering around Sam. Sam has been running from her past her entire life but when she returns to Mobius, the organisation that employs her, and begins to pursue her pursuer, she will discover the only way to escape that past… is to confront it. This is the story of a spy with a bull’s eye on her back, a human target unable to trust anyone at any time, even the man she loves. She is, quite literally, running for her life.

Mount Pleasant 2012 Sky1 – Second series of the comedy drama starring Sally Lindsay and Daniel Ryan. George Sampson and Robson Green have been confirmed as joining the cast.

Mr Selfridge *working title* 2013 ITV – Drama series set in 1909 charting the beginnings of the world famous department store. Written by Andrew Davies.

Mrs Biggs 2012 ITV – Drama chronicling the life of Great Train Robber Ronnie Biggs. Starring Daniel Mays as the iconic Train robber and Sheridan Smith as his wife.

New Tricks 2012/2013 BBC1 – Two more series of the detective drama starring Amanda Redman, Dennis Waterman, Alun Armstrong. James Bolam has announced he has left the series but will make guest appearances.

Noah 2012 BBC1 – The retelling of the classic Noah’s Ark story, told from a very human perspective.

Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy 2013 E4 – Second series of the surreal comedy. 

Not Going Out 2013 BBC1 – Sixth series of the sitcom starring and written by Lee Mack

Peep Show 2012/2013 Channel 4 – Two more series of the comedy starring Mitchell and Webb.

Peter Jones Meets… Autumn 2012 BBC2 – Four-part series that sees the Dragons’ Den star interview other top businessmen and women.

The Planners *working title* BBC2 – Eight-part observational documentary series that reveals the work of a number of Council Planning Officers from across the UK. Shot over a six-month period, the series follows home owners, property developers and businesses as they navigate the planning process.

Each episode will include a range of different stories highlighting properties and buildings at different stages within the Planning process and will show what it takes to build the most inspirational, complex and beautiful homes and buildings in Britain today.

Poirot 2012 ITV – Final series of the Agatha Christie series starring David Suchet comprising of five episodes.

Prisoners Wives 2013 – 4-part second series of the BBC drama

Regency 2011 BBC4 – Documentary series presented by historian Dr Lucy Worsley. At the centre of her take on the period is the compelling central figure of George, the Prince Regent. Lucy argues that no other Royal before or since has had a greater impact on Britain’s culture – both as an enlightened patron and collector, and as a symbol of misrule, a man capable of inspiring hatred in poets, wits and writers.

Restless 2012 BBC1 – 2-part adaptation of William Boyd’s award-winning book about a young woman who discovers her mother was a British spy in theSecond World War, specialising in espionage in America

Ripper Street BBC1 – 8-part drama set in the East End of London in 1889, during the aftermath of the “Ripper” murders. The action centres around the notorious H Division – the police precinct from hell – which is charged with keeping order in the chaotic streets of Whitechapel.

The Royle Family Christmas 2012 BBC1 – Festive edition of the comedy from Caroline Aherne and Craig Cash.

The Scapegoat ITV – Single drama adaptation of the Daphne du Maurier novel set in 1952 Starring Matthew Rhys and Eileen Atkins about a man who is drawn into another man’s life when he discovers he has a double. Sheridan Smith Johdi May and Anton Lesser have also been cast.

The Secret of Crickley Hall Autumn 2012 BBC1 – 3-part adaptation of James Herbert’s best-selling ghost story especially for Halloween. A haunted house chiller, full of scares, but underpinned by the moving tales of children and parents separated, 70 years apart. Stars Surrane Jones, Tom Ellis and Sarah Smart.

Secret Dealers ITV1 – Daytime series presented by auctioneer and antiques expert Kate Bliss, each episode sees two family homes paid a visit by three hard-bitten, expert antique dealers on the look-out for fresh items they can sell. While each family are out, the competing antique dealers tour their homes inspecting everything of value. From jewellery, sideboards and children’s toys, to jumbled attics, ‘kitchenalia’ and furniture; nothing is out of bounds to the dealers.

The Secrets of of the Arabian Nights 2011 BBC4 – Richard E Grant re-opens one of his favourite children’s books, The 1001 Arabian Nights, to explore its extraordinary impact on Western culture. Journeying to Cairo, and the desert wildernesses beyond, he searches for the world that led to the creation of the Arabian Nights.

Silent Witness 2013 BBC1 – 16th series of the forensic pathology crime drama starring Emila Fox.

Space Dive BBC2 – Documentary following American base-jumper Felix Baumgartner as he attempts to become the first person ever to break the sound barrier in free fall.

Spy Autumn 2012 Sky1 – Second series of the family comedy starring Darren Boyd as an incompetent MI5 officer. The series will consist of 10 half hour episodes as well as a Christmas Special in 2012.

Stella 2013 – Second series of the comedy written by Ruth Jones and set in the Welsh Valleys.

Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle 2014/2015 BBC2 – Two more series featuring the stand up comedian

Superstar ITV – Reality series with judge Andrew Lloyd Webber as he searches for someone to play the lead role in a new production of Jesus Christ Superstar.

The Syndicate 2013 – Second series from Kay Mellor about a group of work colleagues who win the lottery.

Three Nines *working title* 2012 Channel 4 – 10-part documentary series that showcases the work of all the emergency services. The series will follow the Ambulance, Police and Fire who work in and around Blackpool. Each episode will begin with a 999 call and then show how the emergency services deal with whatever is asked of them.

Three Musketeers BBC1 10-part contemporary take on the classic characters created by Alexandre Dumas in his much-loved novel. The Musketeers are a crack-team of highly trained soldiers, far more than the King’s personal bodyguards, confronting impossible odds and fighting any battle if the cause is just. 

Top Boy 2012 Channel 4 – Second four-part series of Ronan Bennett’s drama starring Ashley Walters.

Treasures of Heaven 2011 BBC4 – Andrew Graham-Dixon lifts the lid on the ancient Christian practice of preserving holy relics and the largely forgotten art form that went with it: the reliquary.

Threesome 2012 Comedy Central UK – Second series of the channel’s first homegrown sitcom. 

Trollied 2012/2013 Sky One – Two more series of the supermarket sitcom starring Jane Horrocks and Mark Addy.

Truckers 2012 BBC1 – Warm, character driven 6-part drama from writer William Ivory about the workers of a haulage company.

The Undateables 2013 Channel 4 – Second series of the disability dating series.

Undisclosed BBC1 – Four-part thriller starring Philip Glenister as a small-time solicitor who is forced to delve into his murky past.

Veep June 2012 Sky Atlantic – US version of BBC political comedy The Thick of It already being broadcast on HBO

Vexed 2012 BBC2 – Six-part second series of the comedy detective series starring Toby Stephens with Spooks star Miranda Rasion replacing Lucy Punch as new D.I Dixon. 

Wags Hit South Africa BBC3 – In the build up to the World Cup, five wives and girlfriends of top English footballers leave behind their privileged world and undertake a life changing journey to gain an understanding of the reality of daily life in South Africa.

War of the Roses 2012 BBC1 – Based on the best-selling series of books The Cousins’ War, by acclaimed historical fiction novelist Philippa Gregory. This new series will be set against the backdrop of one of this country’s most bloody periods, The War of the Roses, when two dynasties, the Yorks and the Lancasters, fought through several generations for the right to rule England. Told uniquely from the perspective of the women who shaped their men and who shaped history in the process. Murderers, mothers and lovers, queens and witches, it’s about women and power at a time when women could still be burnt at the stake for sorcery.

Watson & Oliver 2013 BBC2 – Second series of the sketch comedy series from the female double act.


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